Top 10 Curious Things to Know about Animals


10 Curious Things to Know about Jaguar

things to know about jaguar

Among the various curious facts about the jaguar, the following list of 10 curiosities stands out :

  1. After the lion and the tiger, the jaguar is the largest feline in the world.
  2. Due to its physical characteristics, it is similar to leopards but it is distinguished by being heavier and stronger, in addition to having larger spots.
  3. The jaguar is the only one of the four species of the genus Panthera that inhabits America.
  4. For being a feline able to swim together with the tiger, its location is associated with the abundance of water.
  5. The preferred habitat of this species includes humid and dense forests, but it also adapts to open or wooded terrain.
  6. Jaguars reach a weight of up to 96 kg, even up to 156 kg.
  7. The jaguar is considered an ecosystem stabilizer, as it is a super predator that regulates the population of species in its habitat.
  8. The height of this species is approximately between 160 and 185 cm.
  9. Although it is recognized as a nocturnal species, the jaguar has a twilight behavior since its activity is mainly at sunset and sunrise.
  10. The gestation of the jaguar have a duration of between 90 and 105 days.


10 Curious Things to Know about Wolves

things to know about wolves

  1. Wolves are present in diverse ecosystems including, mountains, tundras, grasslands and forests.
  2. The weight of this species ranges from 32 to 70 kilos, with heights from 69 to 90 cm.
  3. The howling of the wolves have the function of encouragement, in addition to calling the command, marking their territory and indicating their location.
  4. Hunting is one of the main skills of wolves, especially for having keen senses of vision and smell.
  5. The fur of the wolves is made up of two layers, which allow it to be isolated from moisture and dirt.
  6. Wolf pups are born deaf and blind with an average weight of 1/2 kg.
  7. The gestation of the wolves is a minimum of 60 days, with litters of 4 to 6 cubs.
  8. The main foods of wolves include goats, sheep, deer, antelope, and elk.
  9. The area comprising the territory of a manda extends on average 200 square km.


10 Important Things to Know about Sharks

things to know about sharks

The curiosities about sharks are diverse and vary according to each species and in general these 10 curious facts stand out:

  1. Sharks are recognized as major predators.
  2. The shark species are diverse and include from small species to the whale shark that can measure up to 18 meters.
  3. There are currently 368 recognized shark species.
  4. The shark skeleton is made of cartilage instead of bone.
  5. Sharks’ skin is made up of scales and its function is greater mobility, speed and silent movement.
  6. The whale shark has a mouth that can measure up to 2 meters although it mainly feeds on plankton.
  7. Shark species that are capable of living in rivers include the estuary shark and the Sardinian shark.
  8. The smallest shark is the species called dwarf shark or Squaliolus laticaudus that measures up to 25 cm.
  9. The fastest shark species are the Marrajo and the blue shark since they reach more than 35 km / h.
  10. The white shark can weigh up to 4,000 kg and measure up to 10 m. long.


10 Things you Must Know about Scorpions

things to know about scorpions

The Scorpions are one species that have different peculiar data such as the following 10 curiosities:

  1. In the world approximately 1400 species are known.
  2. The main characteristics of scorpions are a pair of pincers-like appendages and a tail with a stinger.
  3. Scorpions start at 9 mm. and reaches 21 cm. in the case of emperor scorpions.
  4. Scorpions mainly inhabit tropical or desert surfaces and rocky or sandy terrain.
  5. This species can be found on all continents except Antarctica.
  6. Scorpions’ main foods include spiders, insects, invertebrate animals, and some rodents or snakes.
  7. Most scorpion species are nocturnal.
  8. According to the fossils found, it is estimated that scorpions existed for more than 400 million years.
  9. Scorpion-feeding species include birds such as owls, lizards, snakes, and some mammals.
  10. The number of baby scorpions varies according to each species and ranges from 2 to more than 100 per litter.


10 Facts You Must Know about Butterflies

things to know about butterfly

The following is a list of 10 curious facts about the main characteristics of butterflies :

  1. Most butterflies are nocturnal, but the best known species are day butterflies.
  2. Butterflies represent the second order with more species, since it has 165 thousand species classified into 127 families and 46 superfamilies.
  3. Ornithoptera alexandrae female is the largest butterfly and can measure 31 cm, its habitat is in New Guinea.
  4. The caterpillars feed mainly on leaves, flowers, fruits, stems and roots.
  5. Butterfly feeding includes pollen, fungal spores and through the absorption of nectar and liquid substances.
  6. Butterflies can fly at a speed of between 8-20 km / h, and in species of hesperids or nymphs up to 50 km / h.
  7. The daytime butterfly species evolved from the night butterflies, which appeared 40 million years ago
  8. The wings of butterflies consist of two membranes covered with scales, this is used for thermoregulation.
  9. The determination of the species is made based on the pattern of the veins of the butterflies’ wings, since it is unique and characteristic.
  10. In some countries some of these species are eaten, for example in tropical countries and in China the case of the Caligo worm.