Word of the Year 2018: Oxford Dictionary has selected ‘Toxic’ as ‘Word of the Year’

oxford-dictionary-word-of-the year
oxford-dictionary-word-of-the year

Oxford Dictionary has selected ‘Toxic’ as ‘Word of the year 2018’. The meaning of toxic is poisonous. 

Oxford Dictionaries reported that in the last one year, this term has been selected considering the environment and political environment. 

According to the Oxford Dictionary, this word reflects the conditions, mood swings, and emotion etc. which emerged in 2018. The Oxford English Dictionary said in a statement that “Oxford Year of the Word” is a word or expression that holds significance from cultural importance. 

Among the words that were made for the year’s year, the word ‘Gaaselting’, ‘Insel’ and ‘Taklash’ were included in addition to ‘Toxic’. Of these, ‘toxic’ was selected.

Statistics show that this year ‘Toxic’ with ‘chemical’ and ‘masculinity’ is also used very well. 

According to the statement, ‘Toxic masculinity’ was used in the two-to-campaign. The use of toxic masculinity is also used in some of the most popular events of the year such as hearing Brett Kawnah Senate Judicial Committee that gathers international headlines. 

This word gave a deep impact on public opinion and in 2018 people have discussed it very well. “

The use of ‘toxic’ adjectives is in the context of ‘poisonous’ and for the first time in English it was used in the middle of the 17th century, which came from medieval Latin word ‘toxicus’. It means ‘poison’ or ‘full of poison’.

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