Though Whatsapp have already launched some new features in 2018

The Messaging App is again launching new features for the convenience of its users.

WhatsApp is about to bring 5 more new features soon.

This feature has appeared in many reports. At present, the beta version of these features has come up and soon the final version will be used for the use of common people.

We are telling you that the features and features of your chatting will change which ones are..

1 Vacation or silent mode

Vacation or silent mode- This feature is coming soon in WhatsApp. With the help of this feature, users will be able to keep their chats in the archive as long as possible.


2. New chat stickers

New chat stickers- WhatsApp is working on bringing new chat stickers. Some of its screenshots have also come up. However, it’s still in beta mode.


3. Linked Account

Linked Account – is also working on the WhatsApp Linked Accounts feature. What is the purpose of this feature that it is not clear yet? However, it is estimated that with the help of this feature, users will be able to recover the password of other linked accounts.

linked account

4. Swipe to reply

Swipe to reply – Swipe to reply is already in iOS Devices and it has come in the beta version of Android phone. Soon all Android phones will come in it. In this feat,ure you will be able to reply to a message by right-swiping.


5. Dark mode

Dark mode- WhatsApp is also working on dark mode. Users can launch this feature for use soon.


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