The world’s first Molecular Air Purifier

The molecule doesn’t capture pollutants it destroys them.

As air passes through molecule light excites nano-coated filter where pollutants are deconstructed at a molecular level turning them into harmless elements that are supposed to be in the air

Surround yourself with the air you were meant to breathe.

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 In the air in your living spaces with the Levoit true HEPA Air Purifier

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Utilizing a three-stage filter that consists of activated carbon HEPA and find preliminary filters

The air purifier is able to remove up to 99 for 97% airborne particles of up to 0.3 microns

This includes dust allergens bacteria and lingering odors the purifier is able to clean an area of up to 300 square feet making it perfect for your living room or bedroom

You can also turn on the sleep mode to have the purifier operate at a low levels to provide fresh air while you comfortably sleep at night

The intuitive controls make it easy to program fan speed both our timer and sleep mode

There is even a color-coded air quality indicator when you activate the auto mode

Setting up the LEVOIT true HEPA air purifier is a breeze

Remove the purifier from its packaging and set it on a level surface

Open up the back cover to reveal the filters

Take off the plastic wrapping on each filter

Then place them back into the purifier making sure the pull tabs are facing out

Replace the back cover on to the air purifier making sure that the feet of the cover are properly aligned with the housing

Plug in the air purifier it will chime to indicate that it is connected to a power source

Press the power button to turn on the air and use the intuitive touch control panel to program your desire fans SPEED and time work

When you are finished using the air purifier simply press the power button to turn it off

We have programmed the built-in timer the air purifier will automatically turn off when the timer just finished counting down

To replace the air filters turn off and unplug will avoid true HEPA air purifier designing

Dyson Pure Cooling Purifier 

Dyson engineers questioned scrutinized and crafted every part of the machine

Designing it to have a small footprint to fit anywhere in the home

The remote control is curved and magnetized so it can dock on top of the loop for easy access

The integrated auto mode takes over cleaning the air for you monitoring the air quality and reacting accordingly when the air becomes polluted and for the light sleepers we’ve programmed a nighttime Auto mode

This enables only the quietest settings as well as dimming the display

and during warmer days the machine can cool you

Panasonic True Hepa Air Purifier

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Cares about your health and our air purifiers are designed to keep the air in your home always clean and allergen free

Many types of small pollutants tend to linger in the air but they are easily inhaled through the side airflow of our air purifier.

While the heavier large dust particles and allergenic substances floating near and up to 30 centimeters above the floor level are easily and efficiently picked up by the unique and powerful direct front suction.

At the same time, the air purifier releases Nano II into the air to inhibit any virus and allergen in the room.

Comparatively normal ions can inhibit virus but in most cases, they decay before completing the mission.

On the other hand, Panasonic’s unique nano II water rats o H radical capsules last six times longer enabling them to spread to every corner of the room to do a far better job of inhibiting bacterial virus and allergen.

There are many technologies for filtration but how about three-in-one

This is exactly what Panasonic’s HEPA composite filter is.

The super a LaRue buster green tea catechin and antibacterial enzyme attack allergens viruses and bacteria, while the active carbon deodorizing filter removes, smells such as pet odor cigarette smoke as well as garbage odor.

Are you worried about the number of fine particles present in the air that you breathe?

Frette no more the PM 2.5 indicator monitors the presence of particulate matters equivalent to or smaller than 2.5 microns on a regular basis.

It keeps your indoor air quality healthy so you and your loved ones can breathe easy.

Even during the hazy days, your home remains a haven of fresh clean air thanks to the PM 2.5 mode which can detect these particles and adjust the fan speed until they’re removed.

Isn’t it nice when someone knows you so well you don’t have to do anything?

Panasonic’s eco Navi monitors and remembers the timeline of the pollution level in your home.

It then operates only when necessary saving up to 40% of energy to keep the air quality always fresh and healthy.

So that no matter how your day is like.

You can always count on your home as your ultimate sanctuary.

New Honeywell AirTouch

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Its unique 3d airflow takes in air from all corners of the room

v5 s multistage filtration consists of pre-filter which improves the life of HEPA an activated carbon filter by removing large sized pollutants

HEPA an activated carbon composite filter removes more than 99% PM 2.5 particles along with harmful pollutants like odor puc and formaldehyde

Smart touch control panel has multiple user-friendly features

Have children in your house not to worry

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