The Suwanee River is majestic and changes with nearly every Bend.

Balanced rocks hang over its banks.

Waterfalls glide over rocks.

Hiking trails along with places to rest and relax. 

Hug the banks of this infamous body of water inside Suwannee River State Park. 

When folks come to the Suwannee River State Park there is an abundance of things for them to do we have everything from hiking and birding to boating, canoeing, paddling.

Lots of people come here early in the mornings for their jogs so everything has been taken care of from the bird watcher to the exercise fanatic. 

Children will enjoy testing their strength at the playground or speeding down one of the slides before taking in the view from the swings. 

suwannee-river-state-park-for kids

While adults will enjoy the numerous hiking trails that lead to scenic views and algae-covered lakes.

Algae Covered Lakes

Everything from your short 30-minute easy trail through our beautiful Sand Hills community to also having a spur of the Florida Trail located within our park boundaries called the big oak is there in Suwannee River State Park. 

That’s a 12-mile hike with a camping spot halfway through that you can follow the follow the river for miles and miles and pitch a tent and have solitude and then come back the next day.

You won’t need to pitch a tent to enjoy Suwanee River State Park though.

A full-service campground has space for large recreational vehicles and beautiful cabins offer large kitchens with plenty of counter space, comfortable couches, hot showers, a queen bed for the adults and two twin beds for families.


We can take anything from folks that want to come in and pitch a tent for a night – fully equipped RVs that some of our sites can handle up to 48 feet in length.

All of our sites have full hookup including sewer.

we have three ATA sites as well as a full-service campground bathroom also ATA accessible

If camping isn’t what you’re what you’re looking for

Cabins here are full-service cabins they are two bedrooms full kitchen full bath central heat and air so if you after a long day of hiking you want to go in and cool off in the AC we can take care of you there too.


As you explore the Park and its historical roots you’ll come across a graveyard where the residents of the lost city of Columbus were laid to rest.

Graveyard at Suwannee River State Park

As well as the Confederate earthworks the remnants of an early railroad and the site of an old sawmill.

A lot of the locals come out because we have monster catfish that they can catch. There is also a panfish, your bluegills, red bellies some bass can be caught. 

You’re also lucky enough to see one of our famous 20 sturgeons

Why you can’t catch though sometimes their activity in the Suwanee can be enough for a day’s worth of excitement.

With pavilions to host larger groups endless educational opportunities miles of hiking trails to explore at your own pace and many places to relax and enjoy the amazing views.

The Suwanee River State Park is a perfect place to explore the real Florida

People should choose 20 River State Park over a hotel or other type of camping facility because when they come here they have the solitude and the peace of mind that their children can run free plan our playground they can go hiking they can go fishing and really reconnect as a family.

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