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On Karve Chauth, “Sapna Chaudhary song Mera Chand” that has made Tehelka on YouTube. 

This song “Chand Mera …” of Sapna is becoming increasingly viral on the occasion of Karava Chauth (Get Free Imaged Download of Karwa Chauth). In this song, the dream of the bride is very beautiful looking for the incarnation. 

The song has so far received over 9 crores views.

Sapna Chaudhary has taken an avatar of ‘Mara Chand’ on Karwa Chauth, more than 9 crore people watched the song

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On Karve Chauth, Sapna Chaudhary has released a song that has made Tehelka on YouTube. The song has so far received over 9 crores views. This Haryana song “Mera Chand …” of Sapna is getting viral fast on the occasion of Karava Chauth.

Though the famous Dancer of Haryana and Big Boss 11’s Contestant have not won the show, but they are constantly in news on the dance floor.

The famous dream for the first time, is the dance of where they are now It rises. From social media to every side, nowadays dance of dream dance is discussed.

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The dream that is always seen in the traditional avatar is seen in the hot and modern look today. Now the new Hariwani Song of the dream is setting fire on the internet. 

Along with the dream, this video album appears along with the new Nauru. It is sung by Raj Mawar. You also see this viral video of dreams.

Even before this song, a song of Sapna Chaudhary became viral in which she appeared in a completely different incarnation. 

Sapna Chaudhary New Song
Sapna Chaudhary New Song ” MEra Chand”

Fans were surprised to see their sexy style in this song of dreams. Since the release of the song, it has received more than 6 million views. 

This song is taken by Sam Verma, it is wrapped by 2tabOO. 

Lyrics were written by Aman Bhatia and 2tabOO. In this video, leaving the dream of his native avatar, the dream has adopted the modern look, which is very much liked by his fans. You also see these videos.

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