Sushant Singh # Metoo Controversy

Sushant Singh Rajput but a few days ago, the alleged movie ‘Kiji and Manny’ was accused of sexually exploiting and misbehaving with their co-star Sanjana Sanghi. 

However, now the actress herself has given a statement in this matter and has blamed these allegations as incorrect conjecture. 

Sanjana Sanghi released a statement on this issue through social media. He wrote, ‘I returned yesterday from the US Long Trip, after which I read many unfounded reports related to wrong behavior and exploitation on the sets of Kiji and Mani.

I would like to clarify that nothing like this has happened to me. Please stop these fantasies now.

Let me tell you that, some days ago, such reports had surfaced that Sushant Singh Rajput attempted to co-star Sanjana Sanghvi for being over-friendly, due to which the actress made up his mind till the film was released.

There were also reports that due to this the shooting had to be stopped. However, neither about this nor anything was said on behalf of Sanjana and the studio also denied these things.

SAnjana Sanghi and Sushant Sexual Controversy

After these allegations came to light, Sushant himself shared a screenshot of chat between him and Sanjana on social media. 

They rejected all charges. They said that all this is being done to spoil their name. 

After the allegation of sexual exploitation, there was also a report from Sushant Singh Rajput’s Twitter account for the removal of Blue Tic on which the actor had said that the tick was not long enough and no one should draw any conclusions. 

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