Why can’t I Conceive inspite of regular periods?

Well I can you give you at least ten common reasons to answer that question

I also hope that the above question isn’t reflecting a feeling of being desperate probably after a long struggle to get pregnant and no result yet there is always a chance and a correct way to get there.

1. Timing

Wrong Time of Sex

It is a matter of time reason number

If you can remember back to 5th-grade sex ed, the typical woman has a 28 cycle which means ovulation generally happens on the day 14.

But don’t assume that time clock necessarily applies to you. Since individual cycles vary, you may have on that’s slightly shorter or longer

2. Going to the Specialist too soon

If you are under 35, it’s completely normal for it to take up to a year to get pregnant, Its also completely normal to feel frustrated after month 6 or 7 – but if you don’t have any underlying health problems, you should probably wait it out.

3. Waiting too long to go to the Specialist

There are definitely exceptions to the one-year wait rule

If your cycle is shorter than 25 days or longer than 35 days, if you get very painful or heavy periods, or if you have had a significant pelvic infection in the past, tits a good idea to head to the doctor sooner rather than later to get everything checked out.

One more important reason to not put off a Doctor’s appointment? If you have a history of STDs. Even if you just think you have been exposed to one, its best to get checked out ASAP

4 Insufficient sex

Insufficient Sex

You may be included in the group of young working and active couples which are too occupied by your personal daily activities and focusing on your career.

You may be trapped into a situation where you are too tired and get out the mood to have sex.

If you have sex once a week it seems not to be enough.

5 Wrong Times For Sex

You probably are not aware that the best time to have sex is when your ovulation occurs.

At this stage, your egg ovum is ready to meet the winning spermatozoa of your spouse and gets fertilized. This can be the main reason for not Conceiving with Regular Periods.

Try to have a sex session a week before and after your ovulation.

Every other day will be perfect

6. Smoking Habit

Smoking Habit

Are you aware that a cigarette contains around 4.000 dangerous substances that are considered as carcinogenic causing cancer?

Smoking tends to reduce your fertility and can endanger your coming baby.

Try hard to stop smoking.

Besides at the male part smoking will definitely lower his sperm count.

7 Drinking Alcohol

Stop Intaking Excesive Alcohol

If you or your partner drink more than four units in a week then you may be considered as an alcoholic.

This habit may reduce the probability to get pregnant by one third.

This is because you lose appetite and at the end losing your energy.

Please try hard to get you and your spouse back on the right and healthy life track again.

8 Imbalanced Diet


A balanced diet doesn’t always mean to cut out all your favorite foods and applying a strict eating schedule but it could be simply eating food in a moderate way and quantity no overdoing.

Additional vitamins minerals and food supplements will support your healthy pregnancy.

9 Uncontrolled Weight


Are you in the group of obesity or overweight bringing your weight to its normal levels is very important

Since overweight decreases the chances to get pregnant obesity tends to affect the menstrual cycle which becomes irregular and unpredictable

It is the same with underweight where there is a tendency of poor appetite which may cause insufficiency and energy needed to support a normal pregnancy

Consult your doctor to help you control your weight.

10 Too Much Caffeine


Drinking a cup of coffee or tea daily will be okay but don’t have more than that. Caffeine tends to decrease fertility in women and lowering sperm counts in males. So even if you are having going with a regular period you can face of conceiving

Caffeine is also known to cause low birth weight babies and increases the probability of miscarriage. Just play safe.

The official maximum daily recommendation by the FDA is 200 milligrams during pregnancy.

11 No Exercises or Excessive Exercises

Many people just neglect the benefit of exercise for whatever reason

The primary benefit of exercising to get pregnant is that you will be in a perfect condition to have quality sex more frequently but do not over exercise which might be harmful to your body and will ruin your entire getting pregnant plan

12 Strong Obsession with Getting Pregnant.


You might be so excited to get pregnant which can turn into an obsession this isn’t good.

The stronger the obsession the bigger the worry to fail in fulfilling your expectation will be felt.

Finally, it will put you in a serious stressful condition.

Stress may cause menstrual irregularity and might affect the ovulation process and thus being one of the main reason for not conceiving.

It will also negatively affect your relationship with your partner which is a barrier of having sex.

12 The Presence of Possible Infertility Problems

In women, there are two conditions which make it difficult to facilitate a normal pregnancy which is endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome.

While in men the most common fertility problem is an inadequate sperm count.

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