Viruses are Microscopic invaders that infect and reproduce inside cells. Normally we try to avoid viral infections since viruses can kill healthy cells and cause disease.

Some viruses target and infect cancer cells specifically. These viruses called Oncolytic Viruses can be used as therapy for cancer.


There are two main ways that Oncolytic Viruses Therapy help fight cancer

First, they kill cancer cells directly when they infect these cells and cause them to burst.


Second when the cancer cells die they release telltale markers called Antigens into the body.


These cancer Antigens are taken up by cells of the immune system which then alert our body’s attack cells the T cells to look for and killed cancer elsewhere in the body.



Several Oncolytic Viruses are in clinical testing for cancer therapy, including one called T bec for the treatment of melanoma, created by the Cancer Research Institute the leader in immunotherapy.

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