These three new features will be added to WhatsApp, chatting will be doubly fun

Social Media Platform Facebook-owned company WhatsApp is now adding three new features to its users. With the addition of these features, you will get double the chance of chatting.

WhatsApp has also added many features in mind to its users, including features such as Group Messaging, Group Admin, Group Video Calling.

Now WhatsApp is adding three more new features, including Vacation Mode, Linked Social Media Accounts and Silent Mode. With the addition of these features, you will get a good experience to chat on WhatsApp. Let’s know about these features.

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WhatsApp is currently testing this feature for both Android and IOS platforms. In this feature, users will be able to enjoy their holidays without any disturbance or interruption.

With this feature, you will be able to link your social media accounts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. with Whatsapp.

After activating this mode, it will automatically mute all of your chats and notifications. All incoming messages will be moved in the archive during this time.

That means that the old messages will be deleted from the main window and the new messages will come in the main window.

If users have to see an old message then they will be able to see the message in the archive via the preview message notification.

In addition, Whatsapp can add some more features to your users, in which it will be able to know who is checking your message.

But at the moment, these features will take time to roll out. This way, these new features of Whatsapp will lessen the hassle of the users.

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