In memory of the Indian soldiers who were killed in the first World War fought a century ago, a national monument has been erected by the Government of India in Villers Guissolan, which will be inaugurated on November 10. On this occasion, the top representatives of the Government of India will be present.

During World War I, over one million soldiers of the Indian Army were sent on the front of Europe, Africa, and the Gulf, more than 74 thousand soldiers were martyred on behalf of the British Empire. 

The First World War was fought from July 1914 to November 11, 2018, and the unimaginable contributions of Indian soldiers are being officially remembered for the first time. 

This will be the second national monument of India abroad. The first monument is in Yepre’s campus near Menin Gate in Belgium. 

But the memorial built in France will be the first Indian monument of its kind, which will be fully dedicated to Indian soldiers.

To commemorate the contribution of Indian soldiers, the centenary celebrations are being celebrated with the mutual support of British High Commission, Indian Army and United Service Institution (USI).

The monument built in France was created by the Government of India in collaboration with the United Service Institution (USI). 

While briefing about this, Lieutenant General PK Singh, Director, USI here informed that in the last four years about the involvement of Indians in the name of the Great War, in the last four years, extensive research and survey work has been done, New things have been highlighted.

According to General Singh, India will achieve three objectives through centenary celebrations. 

With this reminiscent of the martyrs who have forgotten, their sacrifice will be honored, remembering the shared memory of history will be remembered with the partner countries and creating a new bridge of relationships with them and highlighting the futility of war, will be tried.

That disputes between countries can be solved even without war. During World War I, Indian soldiers were sent to Belgium, France, East Africa, and Iraq from the British Army.

Although during the First World War, Britain was ruled by India and initially it was said to prove its loyalty by supporting the war campaigns of the British Empire, but then Mahatma Gandhi gave it his support, saying that if India had more To achieve political responsibility, it needs to give its unconditional support to the British Empire at the time of need. 

But after independence, there was no official discussion of India’s contribution during the First World War and it was removed by the people.

Now, through the India and Great War Centenary Celebration Project, the Indian public is being reminded again that millions of Indians who sacrificed their blood for their military regiments while introducing their bravery and indomitable courage.

General Singh said that the European people are complaining that the brave soldiers who participated in the First World War want to salute but you (India) do not give us a chance to do this. India’s national monument built in France is being built with this intention.

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