chinook helicopter been admit in IAF

The ‘Chinook’ helicopter purchased from the US has been included in the IAF. 

Air Force Chief B. s. Dhanoa said that the helicopters and fighter aircraft going to join this year would be strengthened by Rafale. 

The Air Force said that four Chinook helicopters were included in the Air Force at a ceremony at Chandigarh Air Force Station on Monday. 

A total of 15 Chinook helicopters have been purchased in the US for $ 1.5 billion, of which four of the crew reached Chandigarh on Monday. 

Chinook is a multi-purpose helicopter that will be used to transport soldiers, weapons, machines and other types of defense materials in inaccessible and high-altitude places. They can fly up to a height of 20 thousand feet and weigh up to 10 tons.

Chinook is built by Boing Company. Although they are in circulation since 1962. But Boeing has made improvements from time to time, so even today, the army of about 25 countries uses them. 

America itself uses it in critical operations. The US used the Chinook helicopters when it had entered Pakistan and eliminated bin Laden.

‘Chinook’ deployed in Chandigarh 

Air Force will soon be supplying Apache attack helicopters. Along with Chinook, the Ministry of Defense also approved the purchase of 22 Apache helicopters in 2015. Whose supply will also start from September. 

Thus, Chinook, Apache and Raphael will prove important in the direction of the modernization of the IAF. Chinook will be in Chandigarh and Apache in Pathankot. 

The specialty of ‘Chinook’ helicopter 

-Chinook can Fly and Operate even at Night 
– It can be used in any weather conditions
– It can be used in all kinds of transportation 
– Unique tasks such as disaster management and possible use in fire extinguishers 
– inmen aircraft like an integrated digital cockpit management system 
-The helicopter is built by American company Boeing
-11 tonnes payload and maximum carrying load of 45 troops Capacity in Chinook 
Capable of action to take in dense fog

It is capable of taking action in dense fog and mist. It can very efficiently operate on hard ground too. It can be operated every day every minute- every minute.

Game changer will prove to be Chinook

Very fast speed helicopter Chinook can fly at a speed of 315 km / hour. It is a helicopter with multi roll, vertical lift platform. Those soldiers and their weapons, equipment and fuel can move from one place to another.

These countries have ‘Chinook’

For the first time in February 2007, the Netherlands had become the first foreign buyer of this helicopter. He bought 17 helicopters of CH-47F. 

After this, in 2009 Canada purchased 15 upgraded version helicopters of CH-47F. In December 2009, Britain also showed interest in this helicopter and bought 24 helicopters. In 2010, Australia had bought the first seven and then three CH-47D helicopters. 

In 2016, Singapore gave the order of 15 helicopters to the company. So far, 26 helicopters have existed for 26 countries. 

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