One should know the relevance of Online Classes in this fast growing World. Online education applies computing technology to learning and there are several things that we can do by applying technology that we could not do in classrooms before thereby improving the whole learning experience.

1. Learning Sequences

In the traditional classroom students may sit through a one-hour lecture. with online very placed lectures with learning sequences.

Importance of Online Classes

Students watch a five seven-minute video and then they do an interactive exercise.

They do a video again to an exercise.

So this way it’s active learning where students are engaging with the materials as they go along.

2. Instant Feedback

We can use computer technology to do the grading and that allows us to give instant feedback to the students and it’s been known in the literature and learning science that instant feedback can be a good thing.


3. Mastery Based Learning

Mastery based learning is a good thing where you. Keep trying something till you get it right reaching your students virtually infinite tries they can keep trying and trying and trying til they get something right and then they can move on to the next topic.

4. Pause Rewind Speed Up

With online learning given used to hitting pause rewind in fact our learners are telling us that with some of the videos they are able to rewind multiple times.

Many students mute the video read the transcript and watch the video at one point five times to speed.

Then this enables much more of a self-paced a flexible style of learning.

Importance of Online Classes

5. Gamification

We can be much more engaging to the student we bring in game-like experiences in online learning.

So as an example of the EDX platform we have many online simulation based laboratories.

So here our students can build things with Lego like facility and by doing that they get engaged they get gamification in the picture they can keep trying and trying with various kinds of components online.

Online Classes Components

The gamification can be very engaging for students through these online labs.

6. Peer Learning

Finally peer learning online discussion forum students are asking questions and working with each other answering each other’s questions.

Oftentimes by working together and answering questions and learning from each other that pure style of learning can be much more engaging and many students learn by teacher

So these are some examples of how online learning can really help students learn better than a traditional method.

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