How to Apply Heena On Hair

1. While buying henna, keep in mind that henna is not very old. Do not buy henna for 4 months old.

2. Henna’s packet should not be chopped. There is a difference in the process of henna even if the wind takes place.

3. Keep the henchmen after saving the packet and keep it in an airtight compartment.

4. Scratch the henna three times in the old garget sari or scarf. Throw away all the clothes that are saved by filtering them every time.

5. While cooking the henna, keep in mind that lemon juice and tea leaves are squeezed from the sieve, otherwise the lemon fractures or the leaf will fall in the corner and break the henna strings.

6. Wash hands with soap twice or three before applying henna. After that, take 2 spoons lemon juice and a small spoon of granulated sugar on the palm and rub it till sugar is dissolved properly. Wash hands thoroughly.

7. Put rosemary oil in a piece of cotton and put it in front of the hands where the henna should be applied well.

8. Wash the plastic thoroughly while applying the solution of henna and wipe it with the cloth. Keep the hole of the angle as small as possible. Chop the scissors later as desired.

9. Paste the angle always with the tape. Do not fill too many hooves, otherwise if you press it there, the Mehndi will start moving from above.

10. If the henna is not too thick, it is difficult to suppress and it is too thin that is spreading on a slight pressing.

11. Put the henna in a plastic canoe and pour water on it a little bit, and whistle with spoon or hand. Do not pour rosemary in water anytime.

12. Fill the henna in the angle and apply it after 2 hours. Do not leave the granulated rosemary open or else the scab will settle on it.

13. Henna always start from the wrist and apply it to the fingers. Put the remaining henna fingers on the knees.

14. After applying the henna, dry the lemon juice and sugar in a bowl drying and apply the needle slowly, do not rub, or else the henna will start leaving.

15. After 3-4 hours, dry the rosemary from scratch with butter knife after drying well. Do not wash hands with water for 5-6 hours.

16. Mehndi makes a very light in somebody’s hands. So wash the hands thoroughly and wipe it thoroughly and take a little Amratanjan or wicks and rubbing it on the palms well, then apply the henna.

17. Apply rosemary at least one day before the festival for which hemp is being applied. Because Mehndi’s color is dark after 24 hours.

18. Do not sit next to the heater by putting henna or in the sun, or before drying the henna, it will dry out.

19. Bring the bride to the henna, then make manicure and pedicure first and then apply rosemary.

How to Prepare Rosemary


Ingredients: 1 cup rosemary, 2 grams, 1/2 lemon juice, 1 teaspoon sugar, 1 teaspoon kerosene or gasoline, pickle oil

Method: Properly grind the beans and soak it in 1/2 cup water. Filter the water and add sugar and lemon in it. Now dilute it thoroughly and filter it. Put in the style of henna plastic and pour some water and stir with your hands. Put kerosene oil and shake it.

Fill in Mehandi angle If it is found, soak a piece of cotton in the rosemary solution and apply it on the rosemary. Crush rosemary after drying. Put the pickle oil on the cooked cannabis.

Second method

Ingredients : 1 cup henna, 1 tamarind equal to lemon, 1 teaspoon sugar, 1 teaspoon tea leaf, 1 teaspoon lime, 1/2 cup water.

Method : Soak the tamarind and mash it. Boil the tea leaves in a little water and boil. Filter the tamarind and tea water. Put rosemary and sugar in a brass plate. Fry with the help of water in the palm with the help of water, until the sugar dissolves, fill it in the angle and wash it with lime water after drying.

Third method

Ingredients: 1 cup rosemary, 1 teaspoon coffee, 1 teaspoon cotta, 1 teaspoon tea leaf, 7-8 cloves.

Method: except for rosemary and clove, cook all the ingredients in% 1 cup water. Cooling and cooling and stirring with a little bit of Henna. Fill in the angle and squeeze it after drying. Heat the pudding and pour the clove of cloves on it, bathe well with the smoke rising.

This henna remains only for a couple of days, it gets faded very quickly. Therefore, on the occasion of engagement, Eid or Teej, in which the importance of henna is to be made for the same day.

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