If you’re living in India’s capital in New Delhi chances are you wake up to something like this

Air so filthy that it could cause heart and lung problems

By the way the higher the reading on this pollution monitor the worst the air quality

A number about 50 are healthy and anything above 300 means the air is toxic enough to require a gas mask.

According to the world health organization estimates, Delhi’s one of the world’s most polluted big cities. 


Well emissions from Cars, Factories, Construction Dust and the Burning of Rubbish and Crops double.

But just how much pollution Delhi residents breathing in.

To find the answer we carried the quality monitor for a day

Turns out

It depends what time it is

Where you are and what you’re doing.

Delhi’s air qualities are worst in the morning and evening during winter months.

Inside the train, you need a gas mass like this one.

The air an underground station is a little worse than inside the train.

So keep that mask on.

Out on the street, it’s even worse, but this reading isn’t the worst my pollution monitor showed It hit a month or so before.

India’s top Court recently band the sale of causing firecrackers but pollution levels rising once again.

Of course, Auto Rickshaw rides are fun, but sitting next to trucks and buses feeling our fuels. exposes you to even more toxic air


Ok this is going to be the real test to see the for air purifies in my office actually works.

But did you notice that our friends still have that sad face.

That’s because of the era still worse than the average in times square in New York

Look For a caffeine shot at six pm, I took my friend along.

That means you’re still meet a mask while eating were drinking in some drinks in the restaurants.

Experts say the air pollution and fairly could get worse in the coming days as the temperature drops.

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