Guru Nanak Dev ji spread the message of love and compassion wherever he went.


He believed, “God is one and he lives in every direction.”

Haridwar, a holy city in India where people come from all over India to pay homage to their ancestors near the holy river Ganga.

One day, Guru Nanak ji along with his companions reached Haridwar.


A brahmin was performing a ritual for a businessman who was offering prayers to his loved ones.

Om Surya Devaye Namah!
Om Surya Devaye Namah!
Om Surya Devaye Namah!!!

Offer water to your loved ones. While offering water, the businessman started thinking

My business in Delhi is suffering a huge loss I have to work hard when I go back.

On the other, brahmin was thinking,

“Oh! Lord, I hope this businessman gives me handsome money as offering. I really need money.”


Suddenly, their eyes fell on Guru ji who was offering water in the opposite direction of Sun.

Brahmin on seeing this, got very angry.
He said,

Stop! don’t you know why we offer water in the Sun’s direction.

Guru Nanak ji said politely,

I don’t know. Why don’t you tell me.

He replied,

We offer water to our dead ancestors in the direction of Sun to honor them.

Guru ji asked again

How far does your ancestors live from here?


Brahmin after thinking said ,

They live around thousands of kilometers away.

Guru ji again started offering water in the same direction where he was offering earlier.

Oh No! Stop! Stop! said the Brahmin

“What are you doing? I have already told you but you are still doing the same thing.

Guru Nanak ji said,

I am watering my fields which are located in Punjab.

After seeing this, both started laughing 

Businessman said,

Your fields are in Punjab. How can your water reach all the to Punjab.

Guru Nanak ji replied,

“Why not? If this water can reach your ancestors who are thousands of kilometers away from here
then why can’t it reach my fields which are only a few hundreds of kilometers away.

Brahmin and businessman both started thinking.


Guru Nanak Dev ji said,

My son, when you were offering prayers, what were you thinking, You were thinking about your business in Delhi which is suffering a loss. and you Pandit ji What were you thinking? You were also thinking of earning a handsome amount as offering. 

Both of them were amazed to hear Guru ji. 

They both bowed in front of Guru ji and asked for his forgiveness.

Moral of the Guru Nanak ji story

If we are performing prayers with any greed in our mind we can never find God even if we go to any holy place or in any direction. 

We should love, respect and take care of our loved ones when they are alive and if we are performing any rituals afterwards we should do it wholeheartedly.

Wahe Guru! Wahe Guru!

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