Do Air Purifiers help with Mold

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Can the mold solution be Air Purifiers for Mold?

Yes for sure, Air purifiers help in seven ways

But first some mold air purifier basics.

There 4 primary air purifier technologies to remove mold, and five technologies to remove mold or mildew odors.

Let’s review those technologies now. To remove mold there’s negative Ion, HEPA, UV, and Ozone.

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Negative Ions kill Mold, HEPA mold air purifiers capture mold spores to stop mold spreading while UVC light kills mold as air goes through the mold air purifier purifiers and then ozone kills mold.

Most of those are pretty straightforward the only challenge with ozone is that while it’s good at killing mold it can irritate lungs with high levels of ozone.


Then if you have a really bad black mold inside sheetrock or under carpets or on the porous materials consider professional help. I say this to protect your health that you may need to get rid of those materials completely because no mold air purifier will remove mold from under carpet or inside dry walls and if you have mold on tiles, ceilings, hard surfaces etc. peroxide and or borax work really well.

Also, a dehumidifier is sometimes suggested if it’s a moist, dark location that breeds mold such as in a basement etc.

So to remove mold, mildew, and odor we have a negative ion, carbon, electrostatic, ozone, and odor sensors.

And there are 4 mold killing technologies inside the best mold air purifier HEPA, Negative Ion, UV, and TiO 2 which enhances UV.


And the alive mold air purifier has 4 odor technologies – negative ion, carbon, electrostatic, and sensors in total.

In total The best mold air purifier has nine technologies along with the mold killing the other technologies help support the body’s immune system nine ways by removing chemicals, allergens germ pollen dust and viruses besides mold.

Air Purifier Help for Mold

Do Air Purifier Help for Mold

So if you wanna kill or remove mold and prevent mold from returning and remove mold and mildew odors then the following air purifier for mold is a great value with replacement filters. 

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