artificial moon in china

China, ready to launch ‘Artificial moon’, will make this city illuminated by 2020

A city in China is preparing to launch the Artificial Moon. This artificial satellite will illuminate the radius of about 80 kilometers on Earth. 

The special thing is that this artificial moon will be eight times brighter than the actual moon. So far this satellite, being published as a publisher satellite, will be installed on the southwestern part of Chengdu city by 2020. 

Officials shared some of the information related to this project. This idea is inspired by the imagination of a French artist, in which he had talked of enclosing the earth around the mirror of a wreath. 

Wu Chuffed, chairman of Chengdu Aerospace Science and Technology Microelectronics Systems Research Institute Co. Ltd., unveiled this project. 

This artificial moon of China is seen as an alternative to traditional street lights. It is being told that the city night will become more illuminated as soon as the launch of this artificial satellite, which acts as a supplement to the moon, in the natural satellite. Light of the artificial moon will also be controlled within a radius of 10 to 80 km. 


The protest against the project related to the artificial moon of Chengdu city has also started. Citizens are worried about that it may have adverse effects on animals and animals related to observatories attached to it. 

But according to a senior scientist Kang Weimin, the brightness of the artificial moon will not be too much. 

Significantly, this is not the first time that the human being is trying to replace the light in the sky. However, efforts in this direction so far have failed.

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