Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is the number one cancer in India.  India is the leading country in the world unfortunately in number of fresh detected Cervical Cancer still date.

Even the number of deaths per year women dying out of Cervical Cancer is highest in India.

I think around 1 lakh 74,000 women die every year out of Cervical Cancer and it’s complications. So question arises as What is the main cause of Cervical Cancer?

Cervical Cancer is number one in India because of many causes:

  1. People are very much unaware of the facts that they can go and detect it early. 

The reasons causes being cervical cancer are

1. In earlier days the early marriage age Girls are married of in childhood and they were exposed to sexual activities early at age and exposure was for a longer period.

Main cause of cervical cancer

2. One more most predisposing cause of Cervical Cancer is having multiple sexual partners. Even a girl or her spouse might be having multiple sexual partners and he might be introducing the infection to the women. 

Multiple Sexual Partners

3. But the main cause of Cervical Cancer is Viral Infection.

It is sexually transmitted. This is called HPV – Virus Human Papilloma virus that’s what is called as. 


HPV can be detected now with simple tests

Earlier days the tests were difficult women were hesitant to come to doctors. Even if they have few symptoms of Cervical Cancer. The detection was very rare and even when they came with symptoms the detection was done and it was late beyond Doctors could do anything for to save their lives. 

So, that was becoming the biggest reason for India leading in number of deaths or number of her detection of cervical cancer. 

Other causes for cervical cancer are

Having child birth at an early age.

Having Multiple Pregnancies and my more number of child births. That waswhat-is-the-most-common-cause-of-cervical-cancer also a highest risk factor for Indian women to have exposed to the infection.

One more thing being smoking and long duration usage of oral contraceptive pills. 

These are few of other causes for cervical cancer being number one cause in India.

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