Welcome to Jimu where you can build and program smart robots and share them with your friends.

Follow the Jimu move apps cooled 3d instructions to build tank bot. His treads allow for greater mobility if you control him.

Your program and code his movements in the Jimu app with an infrared sensor. take bot can detect objects to avoid them or pick them up.

Get smarter as you code create your own Jimu World -Smar Robots. Gaming and Learning Side by side this Christmas.

Osmo Starter Kit

I pad gaming apps are cool drawing blocks and war games are classic fun.

Put them together and you have Osmo.

Osmo game system starter kit gets ready to feel old parents because the Osmo game system is about to blow your mind.

Osmo is some pretty simple games you’ve played them before. There’s tangram you remember this you arrange multicolored polygon pieces to make more complex shapes. When we were kids we just arranged them on a color-coded board.

Then there are words a spelling game where you arrange tiles to spell a word you see in a photo clue. Finally, you have which is essentially a build-it-yourself pinball machine where you arrange the bumpers to hit certain targets.

Each of those games is great and really fun for kids from preschool through age 13. Even in their old-fashioned cardboard or plastic versions

Osmo has taken them to the next level and extended the possibilities.

By placing your iPad currently, this game system supports only Apple devices in the provided stand and slipping the mirror unit over the iSight camera.

Any flat surface becomes your playing area. Whether you’re racing the clock to arrange the tiles are making those bumpers using objects or even drawn lines.

The Osmo apps reflect what you’re doing in real time on your iPad screen. It’s really very cool and because you’re not dealing with an old-fashioned toy you’re not limited by what comes in the box. The apps can download seemingly infinite levels and play options

Of course, these three games are just what come packaged with the starter kit and is the best Christmas Gift for Kids 2018.

Little Bits: An Education Code Kit

Little bits are electronic building blocks that snap together using magnets and what’s really cool is they’re really simple to use. This code kit is packed with everything you will need in order to engage your young people in game based coding and engineering.

There’s a detailed bit index that includes everything you need to know about your bits. This is the code bit and it is the brains of the whole operation.

The LED matrix for creating cool animations and messages new and improved speaker for adding awesome sound effects to your games and a whole bunch more.

“The little bit skirt kit was made with educators for educators we’ve created tons of helpful support materials like videos customizable lessons and student invention tools.

The little bits code kit also comes with a brand new free app for your classroom computers to guide your students through the coding experience

The app comes fully loaded with 12 code tutorials instructions for 4 inventions and so much more “

“Game-changer because there are already inventions they’re pre programs in the app you’re really able to get started right away”

” This is one of the very few kits that I’ve found that these students can create something have a final product code it and then immediately see the results of that”

Beasts of Balance

Beasts of Balance – A Digital Tabletop Hybrid Family Stacking Game For Ages 7+

  • Winner – Parents’ Choice Gold Award
  • Toy of the Year Finalist 2018
  • Time ‘Infusing molded plastic with storylines and magic, this game shows what’s possible when you pair toys and tech’
  • TableTop Gaming “One of the finest examples of physical and digital gameplay working together yet, Beasts of Balance is a seriously fun game with an irresistible personality and simple but compelling mechanics”
  • Wired “Buckaroo! meets CRISPR in the frustratingly addictive Beasts of Balance game”
  • NBC “The game takes smarts, strategy, dexterity, and best of all, teamwork”
  • The Independent “wildly inventive, gloriously addictive game which essentially re-imagines Jenga for the iPhone generation”
  • Build balancing towers and fabulous digital worlds in this multi-award-winning new, app-enabled stacking game of skill, strategy and creation

Hot Wheels Mind Racers Game

  • Includes Osmo iPad base needed to play MindRacers and other Osmo games. Base comes with drawing tool Masterpiece and physics challenge Newton.
  • Comes with MindRacers launchpad, 6 Hot Wheels cars, 32 game tokens, car/token storage and an Osmo iPad base. Requires an iPad to play (not included).
  • Onscreen speed calls for real-world dexterity. Use the tokens to Anticipate, React, and Strategize for winning results.
  • Designed for boys and girls 5+
  • One of the most popular and gifs for Kids and can be given on this Christmas 2018
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