Shopping for the right Air Purifier can be Confusing and Frustrating.

The market is crowded with misinformation and confusing claims.

That’s why we’ve sorted through all the information for you and

We’ll guide you through the process of deciding on an effective air purifier for your home and family

There are three air purifier technologies commonly marketed







These technologies vary greatly and their ability to effectively purify the air.

After years of testing and collecting thousands of customer reviews, we only recommend high-efficiency HEPA Filtration which is widely recognized as the most powerful for air purifier units.

Brands like Austin Air, Allen, Blue Air, and Aller Air

All use high-efficiency air filters in their units to capture Airborne Particles.

These filters will remove 100 percent of common allergens like dust, pollen, pet dander, and mold spores.

Basically, a high-efficiency HEPA Type Filer is mandatory if you’re looking for a truly effective air purifier.

Now in addition to HEPA Type Filtration,

There are other filters and air purifier technologies that can help with different types of indoor air pollutants.

An Ionizer

Ionizer helps remove pollen bacteria odors and chemicals in the air. However, anionic only air purifier provides adequate filtration.

Ionizers are added to HEPA units to improve their performance but shouldn’t be used as the sole method of filtration.


Pre-filters will capture things like hair and larger dust particles.

When you add a pre-filter to your air purifier you can actually extend the life of your main HEPA Type filter.

Activated carbon

Activated Carbon is recognized as the most efficient and widely used material for treating gases odors and dangerous chemical too, ins, especially from common household items.

Activated carbon is so effective it’s used in military gas masks.

So if you’re concerned about odors or chemicals in your home look for an air purifier with an evade carbon filter.

Silver Ion Technology

The silver ion element is one of the most advanced sterilization technologies used for removing microbes.

A filter with a silver ion coating will greatly reduce the presence of fungi and bacteria.

In general look for an air purifier with a high-efficiency hepa type filter first and foremost.

If you’re concerned with anything other than removing particles from the air.

For example, if you’re concerned with eliminating chemicals or odors from your environment go ahead and pick out one of these additional technologies to complement your high-efficiency hepa type filtration.

Now if you’re interested in purchasing an air purifier you may be asking why to shop online

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