A Cervical smear is an internal examination which is primarily done for early diagnosis of cervical cancer.


Women between 30 and 60 years of age are advised to make a cervical smear for screening purposes every three years

A cervical smear can be made by your own general practitioner often it is the assistant who performs the examination

First, they will go through a questionnaire with you

To make a cervical smear you will lie on an examination table with a bare lower body.

The assistant will need a speculum to perform the cervical smear examination

Before the examination, the speculum will be brought to body temperature by warming it with warm water

Cervical Screening

Then it is brought into the vagina and the speculum has opened the walls of the vagina are spread and the cervix becomes visible.

The assistant uses a brush to remove some cells from the wall of the cervix.

The brush is put into the cervix through the speculum where the cells are removed with circular movements

Mostly this examination does not hurt you can have a slightly sickly feeling when the speculum is put into the vagina and during brushing.


After removing the cells the examination is done the assistant will tell you how and when you can expect the results.

Sometimes some blood comes out of the vagina after the examination that is nothing to worry about

The removed cells will be sent to a laboratory where they will be examined through a microscope for possible anomalies.

In case of slight anomalies, a new cervical smear will be performed within a few months to a year these anomalies can go away on their own.


When there are more severe anomalies further examination needs to be performed and you will be referred to a gynecologist.

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