Rabbit Grooming | Brushing Hair | Trimming Nails | Rabbit Bath

rabbit grooming kit

Grooming shouldn’t be a major factor when it comes to rabbits. It isn’t much of a hassle because rabbits are clean animals in general. They hardly take any showers if you groom them on a regular basis.

However, depending on the type of the rabbit coat, the grooming varies. Usually, short-haired rabbits don’t usually need frequent baths, frequent brushing of their coats will keep them clean.


Brushes to Groom Your Rabbit

When they are in the shedding season, which happens every three months, brushing every day will keep them cleaner.

While you are brushing your rabbit, be gentle because the rabbit’s skin is extremely delicate.

Unless you want to grow out your rabbit’s hair, it is best to keep your rabbit’s hair about 1 inch long. When the rabbit’s hair is too long, the hairs are more likely to be matted or caught in hairballs.

I suggest buying a brush that is specifically designed for rabbits, the best brush to use is the bristle brushes because they will not hurt the rabbit’s skin, but it still can brush hairs, and rid hairballs.

You can find these types of brushes at your local pet store.

Another alternative to rabbit brushes is fined toothed or a rubbing grooming tool. If your rabbit happens to have matted hair, patiently comb out the hairs section by section and remember to do this gently because the rabbit’s skin is very fragile.

Do not under any circumstances use scissors to cut the rabbit’s hair, if it comes down to it, go to a groomer to get the matted hair out.


Nail Trimming Process for Rabbit Grooming

It is absolutely necessary for your rabbits to get their nails trimmed so they don’t hurt themselves or anyone else. Check weekly to see how long they grow.

You can easily trim them yourselves with a pair of Rabbit trimmers. The best way to Trim Rabbit’s Nail is when you have someone holding your rabbit in a towel, just to keep your rabbit calm during the process.

Then you actually cut the nail, cut the nail and then remove the trimmers quickly to avoid nail breakage.

Try not to cut it too short that it will make them bleed. If that happens, use a cotton swab to rid the excess blood.

Tips: To stop the excess bleeding you can use “Kwik Stop”, cornstarch or flour on the nail and put some pressure on the nail.

Take some breaks between the whole process to let your rabbit relax and cool down. Your rabbit will most likely kick, try to tame them because they can get hurt themselves. Make sure the bleeding is stopped before you let your rabbit go.

If you are really nervous about trimming their nails, go for some lessons at a groomer before doing it yourself. But for sure Trimming Nails are the main part of a Rabbit Grooming. Like everyone says “practice makes perfect.”

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The common question people ask is


“Does my rabbit need baths on a regular basis?”

The answer to the question is no. Rabbits do not like baths in general, it actually causes stress for them; hence, the best way to keep them clean is by spot checking them ever so often and clean that particular spot.

If your rabbit really needs to take a bath, you can do so, but it will cause your rabbit stress.

Due to the rabbit’s long and thick fur, it takes a long time to dry, you can use a hair dryer under the warm mode.

Overall, if it is possible, try not to give your rabbit baths, but brushing is a must. Grooming your rabbit, in general, will keep both you and your pet healthy and clean.