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When it comes to rabbit cages, size does matter. Size is perhaps one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing rabbit cages for your pets.


Rabbit Cages Size

Size factors into the equation in more than one way. First of all the size of the rabbit cages should be large enough to provide the rabbits with plenty of room to exercise and play.

rabbit cage sizebunny cage size

Choosing rabbit cages that are too small can result in the rabbits becoming bored easily with their space. When rabbits are bored they often become destructive and they can also become obese if they are not getting enough exercise.

The other factor to consider when choosing a size for rabbit cages is how much space you have available to set up your rabbit cages.

If you plan to house your rabbits indoors you may be severely limited by the size of space of cages that you can provide your rabbits.

Once you know what size rabbit cages you need it is time to start buy cheap cages your rabbits.

You will find a number of options available when you are looking for cheap rabbit cages. Some will be designed to be set on the floor while others will stand on stilts to allow easy access to the underside of the cage to collect droppings if there is a mesh floor.

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The type of flooring should also be considered. You can buy rabbit cages with solid floors, plastic slats or wire mesh. If you opt for wire mesh floors, however, you will have to provide a platform for your rabbit to walk on because their feet will become sore from walking on the wire mesh.


Nesting Boxes in Cages and its Benefits

If the rabbit cages that you choose do not have built-in nesting boxes you should consider buying nesting boxes for the rabbits to use in their cages.

Nesting Boxes in Cages and its Benefits

These boxes provide the rabbits with space where they can feel safe and secure.

They also provide additional warmth for cold days.

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Nesting boxes also provide your rabbits with a comfortable place to sleep. If you plan to house more than one rabbit in a cage, you should provide as many nesting boxes as there are rabbits.

This will ensure that each rabbit will have a place to sleep or a place to hide if they feel threatened.


Toys in Rabbit Cages

Toys are another purchase that you should make when you are setting up rabbit cages.

Toys in Rabbit Cages KSK Wooden Dinda Wild Vegetable Pet Sticks for Rabbit

Toys will keep your rabbits occupied and prevent them from being destructive.


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Baby’s toys are very popular with most rabbits but some other options include boxes, baskets, sticks, and magazines. Giving your rabbit items that are acceptable toys will allow them to play without getting themselves into trouble.


Rabbit Cages and its Location

When setting up rabbit cages, you should consider the location carefully. Before you choose a location take note of items such as window locations, house positioning and proximity of the rabbit cages to other objects.

Rabbit Cages and its Location

The location of windows is very important for a number of reasons. One reason is that windows can be drafty in the winter and this could expose your rabbits to harmfully cold temperatures.

Also, windows that get a great deal of sunlight can result in the rabbit overheating.

Whether or not the location receives direct sunlight will depend on the orientation of the house.

For examples houses that face to the West will have the sun shining through the windows on the East side of the house in the morning as the sun rises and on the West side of the house in the evening as the sun sets.

In this scenario setting up rabbit cages along a North or South wall might be ideal.

Finally, before you set up your rabbit cages, you should consider your proximity to other objects. If other objects are within reach of your rabbit cages, you may find that your rabbit is curious about its surroundings and sometimes destroys items adjacent to its cage.