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Mohit Jain asked 1 year ago
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Raja Chauhan answered 1 year ago

Why is attempting suicide still illegal and crime and yet goading a person to their death?
Believe it or not, attempting suicide is a criminal offense. It is completely illegal. Under Section 309 of the penal code, those who attempt suicide can be punished with a jail sentence of up to one year a fine or both.
Historically lost that criminalized suicide comes from the religious concept that only God has the right to decide when someone dies
therefore making it a crime was considered to be a deterrent but is it really.
Criminalizing suicide from the literature there is no evidence that it acts as a deterrent to prevent somebody from attempting suicide beyond not being a deterrent.
Criminalizing suicide can actually have a very negative effect, marginalizing further people who are in distress from actually trying to access very much needed help from mental health services.
The laws were created at a time when we really didn’t understand mental health but now we know a lot more.
Suicide behavior, in general, is complex there is no one causative factor but we can look at it from the biological psychological and social factors.
Someone might have to say genetic vulnerability to suicide.Life adversities for example trauma in early childhood acute crisis, financial crises, unemployment and just a very nonconducive living environment lack of social support.
So these are some of the things that may put someone at risk for suicide. We tend to think of suicide as an issue far removed from us and our loved ones but that’s just not true it’s more common than you think.
The Health Ministry estimates that 10 Malaysians die by suicide every day.
Recent data suggests that the number of attempts is at least fifteen times higher that means 150 people trying to end their lives daily
80% of suicide attempts are due to mental health problems like depression and our mental health is just getting worse
4.2 million Malaysians are affected also worrying is the increase in young people who are affected which in 2016 was one in every five students.
This is why there have been fresh calls for the law to be removed
The Malaysian crime prevention foundation’s senior vice chairman said people who attempt suicide due to mental illness must be given psychiatric treatment or rehabilitation.

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