What are the Reason of Irregular Periods

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Irregular or timely menstruation is not new. Most women are troubled by menstrual problems, but due to ignorance or shame or hesitation, they constantly struggle with this problem. It is not a terrible thing to have a period of time but it is very important to know why this is happening. What is irregular menstruation? An irregular period is that in which duration can be lengthy from one cycle to another, or they start to occur very quickly or abruptly disintegrate with a longer period of time.

Is it normal to have an irregular period in the first few years of adolescence?
Yes, the periods are initially irregular. The girl may be once in two months or twice in one month, as well as on time she becomes regular. But if you are still struggling with this problem then it is important to know the reason for this.

When the woman is pregnant, then the hormone levels inside her work start its way, due to which the periods are closed. In some cases women see light spots or late periods.

Taking stress causes a direct impact on the stress hormone which is responsible for more or less exposure to the body of estrogen and progesterone (two sex hormones). If there is increased stress hormone in the blood stream then your bicycle will have an effect.

If you are fat and are eating such a diet that is known to increase carbohydrate or weight, then there may be some kind of hormonal changes in the body. This is also the reason for weight loss.

Insanity workout
Our body needs strength to get it done and if you go to the gym to burn the same power, then the body will not be able to use anything in these days of the month. Sudden loss of weight or a change in hormone changes.

Berth control pills
The body takes several months, adjusting with berth control pills.

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