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Rohit Anand asked 1 year ago
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Ajay Mahajan answered 1 year ago

To Take a Screenshot on Laptop You’re going to need your [Windows] key and you’re going to need your [PrtScr], your [Print Screen] key.

Now what you do is you just hold down the [Windows] key and press the [Print Screen] key once and then the screen will dim to say that it’s captured, and these screenshots are captured in this folder here PC \ Pictures \ Screenshots and there’s also another shortcut area which will be under your Username so under Users and then your Username and then in Pictures and then Screenshots and there we go.

So that is the folder name where all the screenshots are saved automatically, so what you can do then is you can just open one up or you can edit it or you can email it.


And there is a link above now about how to take a screenshot on your iPhone.
If you’ve got a laptop that isn’t Windows 10 or you’ve got an older Laptop without those keys then you can just try pressing

  • [Shift] and [Print Screen]
  • also, you can try [Fn] and [Print Screen]
  • and also you can just try [Print Screen]

on its own.

Those combinations won’t actually save it to your hard drive so what you will need to do is you will need to manually paste it into a photo editor.

It copies it into your Clipboard only so then you will need to just go into a paint shop editor and click on Edit and Paste.

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