How to Plant a Pocket Vertical Garden

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Jazz answered 2 years ago

Collect Everything with u
A Pocket Vertical Planter.

Small Seeding Plants for as many pockets as your planter premium potting mix.
HAng your vertical garden and place your premium potting mix and plants at hand.
Starting at the top use a small pot or garden trowel to fill each pocket with potting mix.
Only Fill each pock three – quarters full, leaving room for the plants. Create a hold in the middle of the pocket. Gently take the plant out of its pot.
Place in the pocket. These seeding plants ado not rootbound, so I am placing them straight into the pocket with the soil from the pot still around them.
All that’s left to do is fill up the pockets with a little more soil, careful not to overfill.
Dont Forget to Water.
Vertical Pocket Garden Procedure

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