How to get Your Periods Faster?

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Shweta Mehta asked 1 year ago
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Dr Meenakshi answered 1 year ago

I think a lot of girls want to learn ways to make their periods come faster because I feel like it’s really inconvenient when you have irregular periods.

when your period is not every 28 days and like some once you get it and some ones you don’t and I feel like it’s good to just plan accordingly like if you have PE class or if you have a pool party or something like that.

Taking Tropical Juices

The first way is to drink tropical juices and this could be like orange juice, pineapple juice, papaya juice, mango juice, and this is kind of a home remedy to make your period come faster.

The orange juice does have vitamin C in it which is really good for you but a lot of these tropical juices.

What they do is they actually cause your temperature to rise and this actually triggers menstruation so that’s why tropical juices can kind of help you get your period faster

Drinking Herbal Teas

Another thing you could drink is herbal tea and this could be like parsley tea, ginger tea, herbal tea things like that sage tea, rosemary tea,

I personally prefer ginger just because I think it’s the best tasting and you can add like honey and lemon to it. 

If you drink at least two cups a day then it’s supposed to stimulate like your blood flow down to your pelvis area and kind of help Periods come faster.

Menstrual Synchrony

This next one is kind of cool phenomenon called menstrual synchrony and it’s when you hang out with other women and you guys have periods at the same time

Your body is kind of naturally and instinctually sync up with each other and that’s why you guys get your periods at the same time.

I mean you’re probably going to be hanging out with girls anyway but you know this is just something to kind of keep in mind and like if you have a friend who has a really regular period and they get it every 28 days.

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I think that would be kind of funny to like hang out with them all the time just like in the hopes that your period would become regular too.

30 Minutes Bath with Warm Water

So another way is to actually heat up your body taking a 30-minute bath a few days in a row when you’re trying to get your period faster

It is really good to help stimulate it also I’m getting like a heat pad or some sort of heat pack on your stomach on your lower abdomen area and you could also drink like lukewarm water or tea instead of like cold or like icy water. 

So if your period is seriously a regular and like the things.

Birth Control Pills for getting Faster Periods

I already mentioned aren’t really working then it’s best to see a doctor and oftentimes a doctor will actually prescribe birth control for you to make your periods faster

It actually regulates your hormones and the levels of estrogen in your body so even if you’re not like having sex or anything like that a lot of girls will still go on birth control just to like get regular periods and stuff like that.

So those were five ways to make your period come faster.

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