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John Bosh asked 1 year ago
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Mathew Joseph answered 1 year ago

You should know what is suboxone to be clear how long does suboxone stay in your System. Dependency on any drug is quite risky. However, relapse therapies and medications control the habit. Likewise, amongst many other medicines, Suboxone is also used to kill the addiction. This medicine which brings independence from the opioid.

Despite the fact that it is a medicine which helps in treating addiction; many of us think it makes us high. Surprisingly, it shows up on a test specially designed to check drug intake in a body.

Consumption methods of the medicine – Suboxone

Key components to make the medicine works are naloxone and buprenorphine. It comes in two forms, tablets and films. Majority likes to take the film as it dissolves under the tongue and has a reasonably good taste.

Prescribed dosage of Suboxone is once in a day, either tablet or film. 16:4 is the ratio recommended to maintain in a day. The intake can be increased as to the suppression of opioid. Therefore, it can be taken according to the need and doctor’s prescription. The maximum dosage of Suboxone can go to the 24/g milligram.

There are several general ways to consume Suboxone. Those are risky but extremely useful to make one drug addict. Inhaling, sniffing and injecting Suboxone are some of the ways of consuming the medicine.

How long does Suboxone stay in the system?

Suboxone treatment is monitored by drug testing. Most of the time it is the school, college or work which ask you to go for it. The interesting part which shocks many of us is the fact that the drug tests don’t look particularly for Suboxone. There are always some other medicinal products in the human body which is investigated.

People I general like to know the answer of how long does Suboxone stay in a system. As to the understanding which solemnly relies on scientific research, Suboxone can’t be measured in the body. However, it can be detected in hair, gas, urine or blood.

There are many urine and blood tests which determine the usage of Suboxone

Risk factors associated with Suboxone:

Problems linked to Suboxone are not one but many. Here are some of them:

  • Taking a massive dosage of Suboxone or amount can result in active addiction.
  • The intensity of need and wanting or craving is a risky sign. It explains a lot. Which is why it is again considered as a risk factor.
  • Snorting or smoking Suboxone is a call for risk. It makes an individual get addicted more quickly than those who take a small amount to get rid of opioid.
  • Risk factors and severity to fall into a health issue arises when you consume it without any recommendation from a doctor.
  • Prior addictions to opiates again accelerate the risk.


All in all, there is this medicine which can make you addict. Why and what exactly it helps in doing so is again based on the amount and intensity of usage. I firmly believe that you are clear how long does suboxone stay.

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