Could India Win the ICC 2003 World Cup Final?

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Rajan Seth answered 2 years ago

Many people believe India should have batted first. I agree that one should back an in-form heavy batting lineup to put up a good total which would have tested even the mighty aussies batting second under the pressure of a world cup final. But Sourav Ganguly believed that the black patches on the pitch due to overnight rain would assist his pacers. And it did, it was just that Indian pacers couldn’t get their directions right. Even Ricky Ponting would have bowled first that day. Where I believe India could have done better are:
1. Indian pacers could have been more disciplined especially Zaheer Khan. He was wayward earlier on and bowled length delieveries at the death , to which Ponting took full toll. As many as nine bowlers were used which showed that India panicked with the ball due to aggressive batting right from the start.
2. After a target of 360 was imposed, it was imperative for India to get a good steady start. Although they were positive in approach and even with the wickets falling the run- rate was healthy. But India needed Sachin to be there with Sehwag, maybe like the game against Sri Lanka, to give them a good chance of pulling off a famous run- chase.
3. India could have given themselves a chance by batting out the full 50 overs. They were bowled out close to ten overs short. Despite being 124 runs short, had India kept wickets in hand, they could have plundered the spinners like Sehwag did for a short span. Both Lee and Mcgrath had already nearly 20 wickets in the tournament. And a more sensible batting performance could have been handy.
                                  But at the end of the day, Australia was a much better side and they truly deserved the world cup for their supremacy over the other sides.

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