Multi Level Markting Programme – is one of the lowest rates Grocery stores online. Though the services are in limited areas as of now the Quality, Prices, Delivery is just Excellent. Not only this the main Unique and Awesome feature of the Company is their EARN FROM YOUR MONTHLY GROCERY PROGRAMME.

Till date, I have never seen any Company providing Monthly Income Scheme on own Grocery Buying. There are lots of MLM Companies in the market which are giving good income schemes but we all know that they are actually Promoting their own products (Especially the Health Supplements coz that has good margins).

It’s not like they are bad or fake but for a person who is busy in his day to day life, its not easy for him to convince everyone to enrol the programme and show the benefits of the supplements and then force them to buy those Health Supplements.

From my Point of view, the MLM Programme should be the one in which you don’t have to convince anyone to buy and the other person should get attracted towards it of own and at once.

That is where RationPaani Stands Perfect…

Few Questions before we proceed further…

  • Do You buy Groceries online? – YES (if Yes then this Opportunity is for you)
  • From Where Do you buy the Groceries – May B Amazon, BigBasket, Grofers, etc.
  • RationPaani Guarantees you the provide the Lowest rates on the Internet. You can compare Yourself and Buy then.


Points to Consider before Joining any MLM Scheme

  • Do you have to go another way round to buy the products – NO
  • Is Company Providing you with their own products to buy – No (You can choose the products which you are using daily, any weight, any brand, any flavour you take)
  • Is there any Enrolling / Membership Fees – No
  • Do You have to convince anyone to buy any particular product – NO (Everyone buy Groceries for their home every month).
  • A Very positive Platform to earn a regular income of minimum Rs 50,000 (Fifty thousand) from Monthly Grocery Programme.


Have you ever been in the scenario where your Neighbour, Your Friend, Your Relatives are buying Regular Groceries from any shop and you are getting the benefit of it? I don’t think so and in fact, never seen any platform who is doing this.

  • First of all, let’s take the benefit you are going to get by just Changing your Shop.
  • The Monthly Grocery Items which you get from any other Online Grocery store of Rs 5000/- You will get at
  • at Rs 4000/- (Thus saving Rs 1000 every month).
  • Every time You buy Monthly grocery of Rs 3000/- (min) You will get an Assured gift of Rs 200 MRP.

So Now

Do You want to earn a regular income of minimum Rs 50000 monthly without doing anything?

Do you want to earn income on your own Monthly Expenses on Grocery?

Let’s take a Simple example of Grocery you are buying every month. We take an average example of Rs 5000/- Per month.

For Complete INcome Level Projection Visit Here..

For More Details on the Complete Programme Call at 999 999 6422


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