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Haunted Places in Florida

From haunted houses holding cursed dolls to nightclubs where the scary party never stops the State is packed with terrifying history and real hauntings that is why  we are providing you our list of the most haunted places in Florida.

1. The Olustee Battlefield

Olustee BAttlefield Florida

The Olustee battlefield in Baker, Florida played home to the biggest and bloodiest battle Florida has ever seen

Lasting for over four hours the death toll totaled over 3,000.

Visitors to the battlefield report the phantom sounds of gunshots cannon fire and cries of war

Several investigations have yielded abnormally high EMF levels as well as some interesting EVPs

On more than one occasion passing motorists have reported seeing what they thought were full-scale reenactments of the battle.

Only to find later there was nothing scheduled for that day.


2. The Jonathan Dickinson State Park

Jonathan Dickinson State PArk Florida

The Jonathan Dickinson State Park in hope sound has become infamous due to the many different paranormal occurrences in the area

those who visit the park especially after dark have reported in multiple happenings such as

  • Orbs throughout the trees
  • A feeling of being watched
  • Mysterious cold spots even on hot nights.

The most renowned ghost here is that of the Wildman of Loxahatchee a fur trapper named Vince Nelson in life.

He appears as a large dark lumbering shape covered from head to toe in dark furs.

On several occasions he has even conversed with visitors warning them against visiting nearby Native American burial grounds or telling them that he was in fact murdered by his brother.

3. Captain Tony’s Saloon

Captain Tony Saloon Haunted Place

Captain Tony Saloon in Key West. Florida was built in 1852 and has made many most haunted lists in the past as well as hosted various paranormal research groups.

Visitors to the saloon report various apparitions including:

  • A child that was killed in the restroom
  • Figures old-timey clothing
  • A woman in a blue dress who is believed to have been hung from the tree in the center of the building.

Visitors also report feeling suddenly nervous or scared hearing disembodied whisper laughter and the sound of antique instruments playing long-lost melodies and makes this a public haunted place in Florida.


4. The Apollo 1 launch Site

Apollo 1 LAnch Site Florida

The Apollo 1 launch site in Cape Canaveral was decided to be the site of the first US manned mission to the moon but tragedy struck killing three men Grissom, White, and Chaffee.

Grissom, White and Chaffee

Their spirits are said to still haunt the area

With visitors reporting Disembodied Footsteps, Voices and Shouts coming from the launch pad.

Several have become overwhelmed by extreme feelings of fear or depression and reports begin stacking so rapidly that NASA actually closed the facility for a time to do a thorough investigation.


5. The Hugueonot Cemetery

Hugueonot Cemetery

The Huguenot Cemetery in st. Augustine was built in 1832 and holds about 340 bodies.

It has become famous throughout the years for two distinct hauntings

1 First is that of a little girl seen from around midnight to 2:00 a.m. floating silently amongst the graves.

2 Second is that of Honorable Judge John Stickney who appears as a tall dark figure seen searching for something amongst the rows of headstones.

Also, reported her strange cold spots the feeling of being watched and disembodied whispers and faint voices throughout the dark number.

6. Disney World- Haunted Place in Florida

Disney World Orlando

Disney World in Orlando opened its doors in 1971 and pulls in more than 52 million visitors a year

With a number so large it’s not hard to speculate that some of them may have never left.

The ghost of a former employee has been known to appear to visitors in various locations throughout the park chatting with guests and even making recommendations on which rides to check out.

Next legend says that a woman devastated over the loss of her seven-year-old son left his ashes in his favorite ride the Haunted Mansion in Florida.

Guests and employees alike have seen the misty image of a little boy peeking his head out watching patrons to the part silently. All this makes Disney World as one of the most haunted place in Orlando, Florida.


7. The Don Cesar Hotel

Don Cesar Hotel Haunted in Florida

The Don Cesar comes in one of the top haunted places in Florida. Hotel dubbed the Pink Palace opened in st. Pete’s beach in 1928.

In 1940 the hotel served as a convalescent center and Veterans Hospital and it’s widely speculated that many of the ghosts here come from this period.

Visitors report feelings of extreme uneasiness throughout the halls :

  • Ghostly Cries
  • Objects moving on their own
  • Translucent doctors and nurses in clothing from different eras.

The original owner Thomas Roe built the hotel for a woman he never ended up with and his ghost has been sighted here on numerous occasions usually welcoming guests in the entryway.

He’s also been seen on the beach in his best white suit a drink in hand and a smile on his face.


8. The May-Stringer House, Brooksville, Florida

MAy Stringer House Haunted in Florida

The May-Stringer house in Brooksville was originally built in 1842 and further expanded in the 1870s.

Supernatural activity began in 1980 when renovations started. Workers began reporting things such as :

  • Disembodied footsteps
  • Voices coming from empty rooms
  • Cold spots
  • Strange mists
  • Shadowy Apparitions

The ghosts of Jessie Mae a little girl who passed inside the house is said to inhabit her favorite doll which often moves and has even throwing things at unwelcome guests.

Finally the Attic is haunted by a ghost known only as mr. nasty.

He’s believed to be the ghost of a soldier who committed suicide here and can get quite aggressive at times.

9. The Old St. John’s County Jail

Old St John County Jail

The old st. John’s County Jail in st. Augustine was built in 1891 and was considered one of the worst jails ever constructed

Treatment of the inmates borderline Don torture with buckets for toilets and food coming very rarely.

The atmosphere was violent unhealthy and wrought with illness and death. Many of the prisoners being hung from the jail’s gallows.

visitors report exceedingly:

  • High EMF levels
  • Orbs and Photographs
  • Strange winds
  • Cold spots
  • Feeling suddenly sick
  • Seeing full-bodied operations within the cells.

10. Castillo de San Marcos

Castilo De San Marcod the Most Haunted place in Florida

Castillo De San Marcos in Saint Augustine was built in 1672 making it the oldest stone fort in the United States.

Colonel Garcia Marcos who lived at the castle in 1784 caught his wife cheating on him and in a jealous rage killed both her and her lover. To this day visitors report :

  • Smelling her perfume throughout the halls
  • Ghostly footsteps
  • Disembodied commands shouted throughout the night
  • Full-bodied apparitions of soldiers seen marching across the grounds.
  • Eternally standing guard at their old posts

On several occasions guests walking the halls have reported glancing in rooms and out of the corner of their eyes seeing spectral soldiers lying on the beds or sitting in chairs.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

From shadowy figures chasing visitors across the grounds to reports of disembodied heads floating above the castle at night there seems to be no into the paranormal madness that occurs here,

If you’re lucky enough to check this place out after dark take caution several have reported being shoved dangerously close to stairs and other drops.

With the unreal amount of activity reported here some even physical it’s no wonder we chose Castillo De San Marcos is one of the top haunted place in Florida.