HOB Max Launches in USA | Know Everything about It

HBOmax Launches

HBO max launches in US and flat-out the best way to get HBO content.

It gives you everything in HBO’s regular catalog with its originals and movies plus you get max originals, classic content, Looney Tunes and more.

Price of HBO max


HBOmax’s price is the same as HBO’s other streaming options so you pay the same and you get more content.




HBO’s first foray into streaming was HBOGO which gave people who signed up for HBO through cable a streaming version.

Then there was HBONOW which lets you get HBO content streaming without a cable package. Both HBONOW and HBOGO have the same HBO catalog.

Here’s the simplest pathway to HBO max

If you do not have ties with HBO right now meaning (no GO or no NOW) you can sign up at HBOmax.com

Subscribe at HBOmax

Otherwise there are a crazy amount of ways to get HBO max depending on whether you’re an AT&T customer or are already signed up for HBO NOW or if you have access to HBO GO.

HBO is trying to make the pathway from its older options to max simple.

How to update from HBO NOW to HBOmax?

If you have HBO through HBO Now update your app and turns into HBO maxYou just need to okay the new privacy plan and Terms of Service and you’re done.

Update app from HBONOw to HBOMAX

You’ve got max which means you get all of HBO’s content plus all the max stuff.


If you have HBO NOW and there’s no auto update to max you are still using HBO NOW, that gets you HBO’s catalog only.

Your HBO now app will automatically become HBO max depending on whether HBO has a deal in place with whatever company you’re already paying to get HBO.

For example: if you pay for HBO now directly or through partners like Apple or Google you should be getting the automatic update.


How to update from HBO GO to HBO max?

update HBO Go to HBO MAX

What if you’re paying for HBO through a cable subscription which gets you HBO GO.

This is handled differently than now. If you have HBO go

  • Download the HBO max app
  • Try to authenticate with your HBO go credentials.
  • See what happens depending on your cable company you will either get access to max or not.
  • If you are eligible for max go will not auto update to max.

So you will still have access to two different apps go and max. But why would you use go if you have max.

If you haven’t go and you don’t care about max originals and at the max catalog you don’t have to do anything.

If you don’t get max through a go or now there’s still a chance you can get max if you’re on one of 18 T’s many plans because AT&T owns HBO.

Take a look at this chart if you have :

  • AT&T unlimited elite wireless
  • Internet 1080 and
  • AT&TV premier
  • AT&T TV now max
  • DIRECTV premier
  • u-verse you 400
  • u-verse you 450 or have
  • HBO through AT&T

You get HBO max included no extra charge.

So download the HBOmax app and watch for free.


What makes HBO max different from HBO NOW and HBO GO?

Studio Ghibli Films at HBOMAX

First up you get that enhanced catalog.

  • HBO titles like Game of Thrones are available along with friends Big Bang Theory
  • DC’s movie universe and Studio Ghibli films.
  • then there are the max originals
  • The unscripted friends reunion will head to max
  • Zack Snyder’s alternate cut of Justice League is headed to max in 2021
  • Anna Kendrick has a new show called love life.

None of those will be available on HBO now or HBO GO.

HBO max is also arranged differently than the other streaming options. You get a different design language and curated recommendations.

Then there are multiple profiles which were not available on go or now.

That means you can have a profile for your child one for yourself and one for your partner.

Tour recommendations should be better since viewing habits are siloed.

HBO max allows three streams at a time and you can download content for offline viewing on mobile.

You can’t download on HBOnow and HBO go directly.

So these are the main differrence between HBOMAX, HBO now and HBO GO.