Cubbon Park Bangalore – Best Place to Visit

Cubbon Park in Bangalore

Cubbon Park in Bangalore

Address: Kasturba Road, Behind High Court of Karnataka Ambedkar Veedhi, Sampangi Rama Nagara, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001 

Opening and Closing Hours

Saturday: 7–9am and 5–7pm
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 7–9am and 5–7pm
Tuesday: 7–9am and 5–7pm
Wednesday: 6am–7pm
Thursday: 6am–7pm
Friday: 6am–7pm

Note: Cubbon Park is not close due to Coronavirus and is open all days as per the scheduled timings.

Just Explore a few things which are alike available inside the Cubborn Park. This is one of the best place that you got a visit in Bangalore. 

There is an entry ticket of Rs 10 to enter the Cubbon Park. You have individual tickets that we have to purchase to play any other games inside. 

As you enter the park you can have this train station. 

There is a place play area for kids it’s a small train and there is odd you know a bigger train as well in this place. 

This place will be completely crowded and that’s the track where you can see a dummy train and that’s a dummy train engine and some games for kids. 

Every single game has got individual tickets which is one of the sad part

If you have an idea to come down and spend some time with your kids and your family this would be a better place. 

They have this small train for kids and then you have got low floor you know SnackS shops

Unfortunately they are closed as it is not a weekend so not much of crowd comes in here so there’s no point in keeping the shop open but on weekends this place will be completely jam-packed with people. 

There you have another Dragon Boat and again and that’s got some individual tickets.

There is a small area and this is like a small castle like kind of structure they have made for kids to just to walk over. 

That’s you know a small area for small kids who cannot play in the bigger game this would help them to relax. 

There are some statues of this animals. 

You can see some la fountains what appalls mountains things like that which is active only on weekends. 

They also have a small restaurant and a buddy hall. 

in case if you have idea about you know creatively celebrating your family members birthday or something like that yeah this place will offer you space to celebrate your birthday or special occasions. 

Another part which looks really neat and just above Zorn poor celebrating the special occasion.

They have very decent restaurant.

it’s nice to have fun with your kids inside a very creative place unusual place a nice place indeed.