Black Henna Heavy Design For Feet

By | 5th March 2019

Black henna is used in a product, Sudan, Egypt, Morocco and hundreds of years.Traditional red henna design (or, simply, the standard color), hands, feet, and hair, which for centuries was considered the height of daedertasunaren Arabia and throughout Asia .

Kuwait, traditionally, henna was used in hair conditioning purposes, and is approved by the hands and feet beauty.Recently Western culture is a very real look black temporary tattoo provides. Black henna, you can touch the skin, rub the skin and the skin and the tattoo will not come off clean.

And natural henna stains a reddish brown color, usually hands and feet to be converted. Lawsonia Enermis natural henna, nothing but dust, light green or light reddish-brown stain when it is wet.

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