Best Home Remedies

By | 6th October 2018

Go through some of the Best Home Remedies for everyone. Also get to know some Golden rules of Healthy Life with natural ingredients. 

1. Use of Nature’s 11 Most Powerful Antibiotics

Turmeric | Ginger | Oregano Oil | Habanero | Onion | Horseradish Root | Echinacea (Herb) | Apple  |  Apple Cider Vinegar | Raw Honey | Garlic | Colloidal Silver

Natural 11 Most Powerful Antibiotics

11 Natural Antibiotics

2. Top Natural Pain Killers

Garlic for Earache
Apple Cider Vinegar for Heartburn
Cherries for Joint Pain
Peppermint for Sore Muscles
Water for Injury Pain
Cloves for a Toothache
Turmeric for Chronic Pain
Pineapple for Bloating
Horseradish for Sinus Pain
Blueberries for Urinary Tract Infections

Natural Painkillers

10 Best Natural Painkillers

3. Food that can Relief Arthritis Pain

1. Turmeric:
The curcumin content in turmeric has potent healing properties.

2. Ginger:
The anti-inflammatory compounds in ginger can effectively relieve arthritis pain.

3. Cherries:
Cherries contain polyphenols called anthocyanosides that can help treat and reduce pain.

4. Pineapple:
The bromelain content in pineapples has powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

5. Omega-3 Rich Foods ;
Fish oil, flaxseeds, and chia seeds can help soothe joint pain.

6. Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV):
The high acetic content in ACV can negate the effects of inflammation.

Arthritis pain relief

Food to Relief Arthritis Pain

4 Three Amazing Juice Recipes For Better Health:-

Juice Recipe #1. For Improved Heart Health
1. Carrot
2. oranges

Juice Recipe #2. For A Complete Detox
1. Apple
2. Cucumber
3. Kale
4. Lemon
5. Ginger
6. Celery

Juice Recipe #3. For Increased Energy Levels
1. Apple
2. Cucumber
3. Kale
4. Spinach
5. Lemon

Juice Recipes for Better Health

Juice Recipes for Better Health

5. Ten Benefits of Drinking LEMON WATER On An Empty Stomach :-

1. Boosts metabolism
2. Relieves constipation
3. Speeds up athletic recovery
4. Acts as a natural diuretic
5. Prevent flu and colds
6. Reduces blood pressure
7. Relieves inflammation
8. Improves skin health
9. Rehydrates the entire body
10. Promotes weight loss.

Lemon Water benifits

Benifits of Drinking Lemon Water

6. The Right Time To DRINK WATER

1. After waking up , drink 1 glass to cleanse your organs.
2. 30 minutes before a meal, drink 1 glass to prepare your digestive juices.
3. Before a shower, drink 1 glass to lower your blood pressure.
4. Before going to bed, drink 1 glass to keep yourself hydrated.
5. Every 90 minute interval, drink 10 % of your personal water requirement, per dose. Your personal water requirement per day is 32.53 (ml) times the number of your present body weight (in kilogram).

What is the right time to drink water

Right Time to drink Water

7. Cough Ultimate Remedy

Did you know?
If you’re coughing uncontrollably, raise your hands above your head and it will stop!

How to stop cough Natural Remedy

Cough Remedy

Five Rules For Better Life :-

1. Eat Less Meat, More Vegetables.

2. Eat Less White Sugar, More Fruits.

3. Do Less Drive, More walk.

4. Less Worry, More Sleep.

5. Less Anger, More Laughter.

5 Rules for Better Life

Rules for Better Life

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