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Choose the Tour of Amsterdam that fits your Requirement

Some say that… “a boat ride around the canals is the first thing you should do in Amsterdam”

“Why is that?… you might ask…

…The water-level view of our gabled canal houses and picturesque bridges is the way Amsterdam was viewed, as it was lived in during the early days of international commerce.

Amsterdam’s canals have been gradually built over the centuries an expanding ring outward from the center at The Dam. Each canal longer, grander, and wider, with more spectacular homes.

The 4 main canals west and south or The Dam (conveniently in alphabetical order) from the center out are: Single = Heringracht = Keizersgracht = Prinsingracht

Canals at one time were the business streets of Amsterdam… loading and unloading cargo from the countless barges …. now the canals are bustling with tour boats… many are the large bubble top Goliath’s that fill the canals most of the day and evening.

The large tour boats are recommended if your budget is tight and the weather is very bad … no matter which style you choose don’t leave 

Lifestyle…Cannabis Tour

In Amsterdam the open availability of high quality Weed, Hash, and other soft drugs and smart drugs is common knowledge. There are numerous Web Sites and reviews on many shops in Amsterdam. An almost overwhelming amount of information on the subject is available on the Internet.

This reality hits you when you are finally here.

Most people like to try and find their own way and have a great time But if on your first visit with only Limited time to Experience the almost 300 shops to choose from you need a guide than…

We can help you …

… find the best places, with the best quality, is their specialty.


Our guides are local, English speaking and will take you to the best shops.



We are continually on a quest for the best…and the unusual.


Our guides are Experts…

Theater and Performance Arts

Music ~ Clubs ~ Shows

A wonderful variety of Drama, Comedy, Musical, Shows are to be found all over our city. From small, hard to find “out of the way” venues to world class Concert Halls Dutch Experimental Theater, Dutch Comedy, Broadway  Show Productions , yes…. in Dutch also. When the weather warms in spring , the outdoor music season gets under way all over Holland. We provide you with a list of productions available during your visit. Click on Music~ Clubs~ Shows   

Theater and show tickets additional.


The central entertainment information and ticket reservation service is called AUB the acronym for “Amsterdam Uit (Out) Bureau” on the “Leidseplein” across the street from the American Hotel.

Art and Antiques

Galleries / “back room treasures

Around every corner, it seems there is another jam-packed Antique Shop.The Famous “Spiegelquartcha” is home to over 60 of the finest Shops in the world. We can help you find the objects of your desire and show you some things you never dreamed you could find.

The Museums

Rembrandt’s home and van Gough passions.

The World famous The Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk, The New van Gogh, border the recently restored and beautiful Museumplein.

That’s only the beginning…

There are numerous museums dedicated to almost every interest. To mention just a fewArt, Ships, Houseboats, Torture,  Eyeglasses, Sex, The Tropics, Film, Photo, Cannabis, Tattoos, Cheese, and Natural History…

Museum tickets additional
Amsterdam’s Museums ..Our guide and links to Museum’s in Holland

Music on the Edge

(Techno, Alternative, Garage, House, Trance etc.)


Many venues are kept secret from all interested parties until the very last moment possible to help ensure security and a good time, uninterrupted. Almost impossible to predict in advance of a few days what is to be happening. So we employ the kids that are into the scene and can provide current information and escort. you can try and go it alone, or use our…

RedLIGHT District in Amsterdam

Hot Girls and Cool Boys

Eager to play… if you want to pay 

  For the Girl’s …and the Boy’s  


      • The possibilities are endless!!


Lifestyle…Bikes and bike tours

Amsterdam is made for biking. It is the cheapest and fastest way to travel in and around the city Whatever your age or condition is: by bike you will see more and enjoy a lot more! Join us on the bicycle lanes and Experience Amsterdam the Dutch way

Bike rental additionalgreat rates for quality bikes at MacBike

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Two locations in the center and Quality well maintained equipment, and open when most other shops are closed. This is why they are our personal, every day choice, in Amsterdam… besides they are a great bunch of people…Three locations in the center to serve you:

Mr. Visserplein 2 (near the Waterlooplein Market) get there on Trams 9, 14, 20
Marnixstraat 220(in Amsterdam’s favorite historic districts “The Jordan”) get there on Trams 10, 17, 20,

Leidseplein (next to the Paradiso)get there on Trams 9, 14, 10, 17, 20,