The 7 Archangels of God and their Names

7 Archangels

7 Archangels

From the beauty of the Lord to the angel of God today on facts base we’re looking at the seven Archangels. After looking at the seven deadly sins come the seven Archangels also known as the Watchers.

Regardless of your religion stories of angels are part of your reality and some of the things that make up human nature.

Over 80% of the world’s population believe in angels.

Meaning of Archangel

The term archangel itself is usually directly associated with Abraham’s religion or – that the term archangel is derived from a greek term that means chief angels.

Archangels are superior beings that are the extensions of god himself. Hence they personify his grace, power and majesty.

On top of that all the Archangels are healers typically they come as surgeons ready to repair our bodies through bending our souls. More specificly there’s no field that they don’t excel in.

What are Archangels?

What are Archangels

In terms of rank Archangels are at the top most hierarchy in the angel world. They are arguably the closest beings to God.

Archangels are powerful beings in the spiritual realm or to that Archangels watch over other angels humanity and also other aspects of the universe itself.

Most people believe that you can learn to communicate with them and also evoke their power in times of need.

Your guardian angel can help by guiding you through the levels of spiritual growth and knowledge.

History of the Archangels

Currently there are only two Archangels named in the canonical Bible that the Protestants and the Catholics used. They are also named in the Kuran as well.
history of the archangels

These Archangels are Gabriel and Michael

There were 7 Archangels discussed in the Book of Enoch.

These Archangels were removed from the scriptures because of a reason that we will discuss here.  The other five angels are known by many names but their popular names includes:

  • Ariel
  • Raphael
  • Azrael
  • Jophiel
  • Chamuel

These angels are part of the myth of the fallen angels which is an ancient story that’s older than even the New Testament.

Other 5 Archangels

These stories actually date back to the Bronze Age when the first temple was built in 300 BCE.

This is also when King Solomon built his first temple in Jerusalem. Some of the tales found in Greek and hurryin have similar concept to that of the fallen angels or to that the names of the angels were borrowed from the Mesopotamian civilization.

The origin of Sin

According to the conical Bible that we all grew up believing in the origin of sin started with Adam but when it comes to the myth of the fallen angel it suggests that humans were not entirely responsible for the sins of the world.

FAllen Angles

The Fallen Angels also played a part in it. The fallen angels including Nephilim Assail and Semi Haza dropped down to earth and took human wives.

The wives gave birth to giant children who were violent the worst part of it all is that they taught the family of Enoch the secrets of heaven and in particular the precious metalergy and metal.

The result was bloodshed which caused an outcry from the earth that was loud enough to reach the gates of heaven.

The Archangels were able to hear the cry and reported to God then Enoch went to heaven to intercede for humans but he was blocked by the heavenly hosts.

For his efforts Enoch was eventually transformed into an angel.

After all these events God then told the Archangels to intervene by warning Noah who is a direct descendant of Adam. Then the guilty angels were imprisoned and God destroyed the offspring of the angels by purifying the world.

Rejection of the Myth of the Fallen Angels

By the Second Temple period the Fallen Angels myth was transformed with some of the religion believing that it is a story that shows who the high priest is allowed to marry.

This says that the religious leaders are warned against marrying outside the circle of the priesthood.

What remains of the Myth of the Fallen Angels

Even after the removal of this myth from the Bible traces of the battle between the Angels still remains.

Battle of Lucifer and Agnel Michael

The battle between Lucifer and Angel Michael can be found in the Book of Revelations but the battle takes place in heaven and not on earth.

As much as Archangel Lucifer fights a host of angels only angel Saint Michael is named among them that is because the rest of the story was removed from the canonical Bible in the period between 366 to 384 BCE by Pope Damasus.

The Council of Rome also played a part in removing the story from the canonical Bible.

Let’s take a look at each of the 7 Archangels and their attributions to humankind.

1. Archangel Michael

The name Michael basically means he who is as God. Archangel Michael is known as the angel of protection and also the most powerful among all archangels.

Michael Archangel

Also considered to be the leader of the angelic realm and the patron of righteousness see and justice that said the Scriptures have always depicted him as a warrior carrying a sword in his hands.

Being an Archangel Michael commands a legion of guardian angels all serving is the first line of protection the will of God and faith.

What’s even more interesting Saint Michael only says four words the Lord rebuke you in Jude 9. These are the words that Michael says directly addressing Satan in the scriptures.

Michael argues with Satan about the body of Moses. However not a lot is said about the argument.

All-in-all Saint Michael says enough to warrant a place in the scriptures. Another major appearance is when the Archangel fights off Satan during the end of times.

In John’s apocalypse Michael is seen fighting off the dragon Satan and his angels.  The forces of evil lose and they are thrown to the earth.

The Archangel plays an important role during the end of times Daniel was told by the angel of the Lord that during the end of times Michael will rise and there will be a time of trouble.

Israel on the other hand is guaranteed protection. The entire world will be followed by a great resurrection of the dead.

Michael is the most interesting biblical angel that’s next to Gabriel and Archangel Lucifer. 

Michael is arguably the most famous archangel in the Bible.

2. Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel name can be translated to mean the strength of God or the hero of God. More importantly Archangel Gabriel is the holy messenger of God but unfortunately in the conical Bible.

Gabriel - 7 Archangel

Gabriel is not referred to as an archangel. However many Christians believe that Gabriel is an archangel with good reason.

Angel Gabriel is the one responsible for guiding the wise men to Christ. Additionally the angel is mentioned in the Quran.

As an Archangel Gabriel is neither female nor male but the angel sort of resembles the feminine qualities extremely well.

The reason why Christians refer to angel Gabriel as an archangel is due to the Book of Enoch that was released between the old and new Testament. In the book Enoch refers to Gabriel as an archangel.

Otherwise the word archangel is only used in the Bible once to refer to Michael.

In the scriptures Archangel Gabriel only speaks directly to three people. The angel appears to Zechariah to tell of the future birth of John the Baptist to prophet Daniel and to Virgin Mary.

The first time Archngel Gabriel is mentioned in the Bible is when he appears to Daniel to explain his vision. Gabriel explains the vision to Daniel after being called upon by God.


3. Archangel Ariel

Archangel Ariel

The name Ariel can be translated to mean the Lion of God that means that Ariel is responsible for protecting the plants animals and elements of the world which include wind fire and earth.

Therefore anyone who will bring harm to God’s creation is usually punished by Archangel ariel.

So whenever you’re conserving the environment ask for help from Ariel. Ariel not only protects God’s creation but she also guides people to protect it as well.

Whether she does it herself or uses others to help the main aim is protecting what God created.


4. Archangel Azrael

The name Azrael can be loosely translated to the angel of God in Hebrew. Some people actually refer to him as the angel of destruction and renewal.

Archangel Azrael

However that’s not a reason to fear him is not the bringer of death but rather the spiritual guide.

His role is to guide Souls during death to cross over calmly. The role of Azrael sort of resembles the role given to anubius found in ancient Egyptian mythology. Additionally Azrael is credited for being a spiritual counselor.

During times of grief Azrael ensures that you don’t completely lose your mind or even do something that you shouldn’t do.

Or to that Azrael keeps track of those people who are born every day and those who die. Therefore he knows the exact population of the world at any given moment.


5. Archangel Raphael

Raphael is known as the ultimate physical and emotional healer in the realm of the Angels. This means that he is not only a healer of people but he also guides healers in their process.

Archangel Raphel

Additionally Raphael can help you let go of your addictions and has the power to heal physical injuries. The name of this angel can be loosely translated – it is God who heals.

That said it probably doesn’t surprise you that Raphael has the healing power and the people who need healing will always pray to Archangel Raphael.

The angel helps in restoring and maintaining peace and harmony to the world and in the realm of angels.

He also watches over travelers to ensure they have a safe journey home. Raphael works in conjunction with Michael to help relieve stressors and fears that might affect your health.

6. Archangel Jophiel

The word Jophiel means the beauty of the Lord that said the main power of the Archangel Jophiel is to help us maintain our beauty in life and also giving us positive thoughts.

Archangel Jophiel

She is also known as one of the few female Archangels to exist. In short Jophiel helps us to appreciate the beauty of the world.

Therefore when you stop to admire a flower chances are you’ve been visited by jovial. Whenever you feel negative thoughts the best idea is to pray to Jophiel for positivity.

So when all your negative thoughts are replaced with positive vibes then you’ve been visited by Jophiel.

Additionally Jophiel also helps to boost your creativity and imagination all in the aim of trying to show you how miraculous the world is.

If you ever lose sight of the meaning of life then pray to Jophiel for clarity.

7. Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel

Lastly the name Chamuel translates to he who sees God. Throughout history this angel has been called different names over the years.  Therefore it’s easy to confuse Chamuel with other angels.

His sole mission is to bring peace to the entire world. Most people believe that Chamuel can see the interconnectedness of all things that exist.

He also assists us by giving us the strength to fight adversity even when it seems we have none left

Or to that Samuel is known to help people find lost items and also find important parts of their lives. Additionally Chamuel also helps to heal anxiety and bring peace to a troubled nation

He repairs relationships and any misunderstandings between humans.

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