Raising Rabbits Training and Tips


If you decide to keep rabbits as pets, you should take measures to educate yourself about properly caring for rabbits. There are many classes available where you can learn to care for your rabbits. Additionally, you can read informative books or talk to friends who have pet rabbits to find out how to care for your rabbits.

Ideally, this research should be done before you bring a new pet rabbit into your home. You should educate yourself on a variety of topics including Rabbits diet, cages, veterinary care, and litter box training.

One important aspect of caring for rabbits is providing them with proper nutrition. You should understand what rabbits need to eat in order to not only survive but also thrive.

Many rabbits that are kept as pets are obese due to improper nutrition and inadequate exercise. To avoid putting your pet rabbit at risk for obesity, take precautions to provide a proper diet for your pet rabbits.


Proper Diet of Rabbits

The diet of rabbits should consist of fresh pellets, hay, vegetables, and water. These are the basics of a rabbit’s diet and anything other than these components should be considered a treat and should be given to pet rabbits only sparingly.

rabbit proper diet includes

Pellets in Diet of Rabbits

The amount that you feed your rabbits will vary by their age. Young rabbits can have unlimited access to pellets as they need these to grow but once the rabbit reaches seven months in age the number of pellets in their diet should be decreased and will continue to decrease into adulthood. Sometimes older rabbits will have pellets reinstated into their diet if they need to gain weight.


Unlimited Hay for Rabbit Food

The amount of hay in the diet should be unlimited from the time it is introduced at seven weeks into adulthood. Hay is very important to the diet of rabbits because it provides roughage.

Cages as Shelter and Play

Cages are very important in caring for rabbits. You should provide your rabbit with a shelter where they will feel protected but also have plenty of room to exercise and play.

cages and shelter for rabbits to play

Most rabbits spend the majority of their time in cages so it is important that these cages feel like a home for them. The flooring of your rabbit’s cage should be solid to avoid sores that may develop on your rabbit’s feet if the floor is a wire mesh.

Many owners like this kind of floor because it allows excrement to fall through the openings but this type of flooring is very harsh on the feet of rabbits. If you choose a cage with wire mesh, you should provide a portion of the floor that is solid so that your rabbit does not always have to walk on the mesh.

You should also choose a cage that is large enough for your rabbit to enjoy adequate exercise. A general rule is to provide one square foot of living space for each pound that your rabbit weighs. This will give your rabbit plenty of room to play so that they don’t grow bored.

The cage that you choose for your rabbit should also have nesting boxes for your rabbit to relax in or hide in if they feel threatened. There should also be plenty of toys kept in your rabbit’s cage to keep him entertained. Switching the toys periodically will help keep them appealing to the rabbit.


Annual Veterinary Exam

Caring for rabbits involves an annual veterinary exam. This exam will let you know if your rabbit is thriving.

Annual Veterinary Examn for rabbits

In addition to these annual exams, you should take your rabbit to the veterinarian whenever he is sick to ensure that the condition is not serious and to provide medication if necessary. These precautions will help to preserve the health of your rabbit.


Litter Box Training

Litter box training is another subject you might want to consider when caring for rabbits. The use of a litter box localizes the area in which the rabbit eliminates.

This can create a more sanitary environment for the rabbits. It will also make your daily and weekly cleaning chores less overwhelming because litter boxes are relatively quick to clean.

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